Avoid These 6 Groceries That Will Only Drain Your Cash Wallet

My devoted consumers, comfort has a cost.. By purchasing pre-cut food, you can skip the knife work and potentially save some time, but the cost is substantial.

Cut-Ahead Fruits & Veggies

If you don't reside on Mars, tap water is equally as nice or even better. Use a reusable water bottle to save money and the environment.

Bottled Water

Medication sold under the store brand has the same active components as name-brand drugs and works just as well. Why pay more for something that is already expensive?

Name-Brand Medications

In spite of the fact that they come in adorable little packaging, these protein-packed snacks can cost up to four times as much as items from the deli counter.

Prepackaged Deli meats and Cheeses

This one will suck your bank account dry! You can purchase twice as much fresh produce and prepare your own fresh and delicious salad at home for the same cost as two pre-made salads.

Pre-Made Salads

If convenience is a priority, there are several options for eating well while on the road. To ensure quick and wholesome meals throughout the week, think about packing leftovers from the previous evening or preparing meals in advance.

Ready-To-Eat Meals

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