6 Supposingly Healthy Foods That Aren't

Granola is frequently marketed as a nutritious food despite the fact that it frequently contains extra sugars and oils. These ingredients might increase calorie content, making it a bad choice for dieters.


Because they have no calories, diet sodas may appear to be a healthier choice. Artificial sweeteners, however, might change how the body manages calorie intake based on food sweetness, leading to weight gain.

'Diet' sodas

Low-fat yogurt is frequently promoted as a healthy option, but when the fat is eliminated, sugar is typically added to improve flavor, which can result in a rise in caloric intake.

Fat-Free Yogurt

Fruit juice is often regarded as a healthy beverage due to its fruit content, but it can also include soda-like amounts of sugar and lacks the fiber that whole fruits have, which helps with digestion.

Fruit Juice

These extremely processed, frequently high-sugar bars are made for athletes who require a quick energy boost. They can pack on the calories for regular snacks.

Energy Bars

It doesn't necessarily mean that something is healthy just because it doesn't contain gluten. These meals frequently substitute toxic substances for gluten and frequently contain a lot of added sugar and bad fats.

Gluten-Free Packaged Foods

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