6 Foods That Many Americans Cannot Afford to Purchase

Many people's favorite food, potato chips, is still trapped by inflation. Across all brands and varieties, the cost of this beloved treat has increased by more than 6%.

Potato Chips

Searching for a good crunch? Think of healthier options like homemade vegetable chips or air-popped popcorn.

Potato Chips

Although purchasing fresh vegetables is unquestionably healthier, their costs have increased dramatically, with a 10.1% increase predicted for March 2022.

Fresh Vegetables

To stay inside your budget, think about frozen or canned vegetables, which provide comparable nutritional advantages at a lesser cost.

Fresh Vegetables

The price of eggs, a versatile mainstay in many households, has increased yearly. Investigate plant-based egg substitutes as a cost-effective solution, or think about including more affordable protein sources such tofu and lentils in your diet.


Some estimates place the increase in beef prices at a startling 20%. Lean cuts of poultry, pork, or plant-based meat substitutes are excellent options if you're seeking for a protein source that's less expensive.


Since 2016, the cost of ice cream has increased by almost 30% in speciality parlors, turning a scoop into a luxury.

Ice Cream